Photograph of Andrew Rogerson

Andrew Rogerson


I am the first port of call for clients wishing to know more about Grist. I help our clients to realise their marketing plans through the most powerful marketing tool available today: thought leadership.

Specifically I work with the commercial and project teams to ensure that the campaigns we create for clients achieve their overall business objectives while meeting their clients’ needs. I also oversee our own marketing and business development: walking the talk through thought leadership.

I am a regular commentator on the B2B content marketing industry and have spoken at recent B2B Marketing, PSMG, PM Forum, FS Forum and numerous in-house client events.

Prior to founding Grist, I was marketing director at the Economist Intelligence Unit in London and New York.

I have played football in the North American Amateur Championships, trecked the Anapurnas and spent two years hiking around Asia.

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