Value of B2B thought leadership survey: How the C-suite view and use thought leadership

In 2016, we surveyed 210 senior executives on what they expected from thought leadership, how and when it was consumed and what would make it better. A lot has changed since then so we thought it was high time we checked in again.

This latest survey, which this time has been expanded to 525 senior executives at enterprise-level organisations in the US, Europe and Asia, finds a world much more comfortable with the idea of thought leadership – but much more demanding in what they want and need from it.

In this second part of our Value of B2B thought leadership series we explore these trends and provide the latest figures in thought leadership consumption. 

Find out:

•             What qualities the C-suite finds most valuable
•             What research methodology works best
•             Who the C-suite most wants to hear from
•             Which formats and channels you should be using
•             How and when to reach the audience
•             The impact of thought leadership
•             What the C-suite wants to see in the future

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