How to get buy-in from the board for thought leadership

The power of survey-driven thought leadership is increasingly being realised by marketers. However, selling-in a thought leadership programme to senior management has its challenges, be it marketing budgets or persuading buy-in from multiple stakeholders.

Our guide is here to help. Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Interviews with marketing leaders currently undertaking survey-driven thought leadership programmes to find out how they got approval from the top. 

  • A look at some of the business benefits of surveys – especially important today when 63% of readers are turned off by content that is too generic, and 58% by a lack of original insight or ideas.

  • The metrics that sell – those all-important facts and figures, examples and case studies, that you can use to make the top table take notice.

  • How to engage your internal audience for ideation, creation and distribution.

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