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Path to growth survey


A research programme exploring marcoms agency leaders’ mistaken assumptions about what acquirers are looking for created opportunities for SI Partners, a global M&A advisor and consultancy, to talk with qualified hot prospects about how to realise their full potential value.

Our research for SI Partners included a global survey of 600 agency leaders across 16 markets, exploring the key barriers to growth facing creative agencies. In addition to misunderstanding the real deal drivers for potential acquirers, the research reveals that agencies are pursuing growth plans that may not position them to build their equity value optimally. The findings made the target audience sit up and take note.

The campaign assets included a global report on barriers to growth, five country reports drilling into local market attitudes and challenges, plus a separate report focusing on one of the most interesting findings: the disconnect between buyers and sellers. These were available in print but also via download on a campaign landing page. A series of blogs and social media activity fuelled the inbound content marketing strategy.

“A data-led, evidence-based approach was key,” believes Nicole Revers, marketing director. “It gave us something demonstrably new and incredibly pertinent to the client to talk about – and produces much better click-through than opinion-based pieces, no matter how valid those opinions are. It’s the right strategic conversation for us to be having with our clients.”

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