CA Technologies

Digital transformation infographics and SlideShares


CA Technologies, one of the largest software firms in the world, understands the need to promote digital transformation intelligence widely across social media and online sharing platforms.

Amid a welter of confusing new technologies and the rush to make the most of them, businesses need to rely on hard data to understand where to invest and what will really work for them. And technology companies competing for market share have to convince that their solutions will provide best value for money and enable tangible benefits.

In a carefully planned content programme running throughout the year, CA publishes research reports that underpin the digital transformation imperative and what is already yielding results for the companies leading the way.

Under the banner ‘Masters of the modern software factory’, it reveals how to take business forward the digital way using apps, APIs, agile and DevOps, explaining what they do and why they’re essential. Grist helped publicise the reports online by creating themed infographics, social memes and SlideShares that provide an immediate, highly visual and easily accessible entry point to digesting the data.

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