Alexander Proudfoot


A series of innovative global research reports maximising the value from internal data to provide unique sector insight 

The purpose

Alexander Proudfoot is a global professional services firm dedicated to helping blue-chip clients improve productivity, performance and growth.

As part of the consultation process, the firm’s experts gather a wealth of data that helps them understand the business environment, challenges, strategies and activities of the myriad companies it serves.

Previously used mainly for internal knowledge-sharing, the firm was keen to rationalise the information and communicate relevant insights to a wider market to drive new business.

How we helped

A planning session was held with the US and EMEA marketing teams to determine the scope of the available data, to decide on an appropriate format and structure for the communication, and agree the complementary content that would help to bring the key messages to life.

The concept of the Alexander Proudfoot Index was developed – a series of incisive research reports covering key sectors such as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Mining and Financial Services – providing timely analysis of the challenges facing businesses and the initiatives in place to address them.

Working to a stimulating editorial brief, Grist commissioned a trusted subject-specialist writer from our network capable of building a compelling storyline from the data, comparing regions, company size and changing priorities, and providing a rich background of key activity in the sector.

The main themes are further explored in a series of one-to-one interviews with a cross-section of clients, showing how these issues are affecting CEOs in the day-to-day running of their businesses, so that the reports are peppered with revealing client testimony.

The engaging editorial package is neatly wrapped up with thought-provoking solutions-led comment from Alexander Proudfoot consultants, providing actionable recommendations to help firms with their own business transformation.

Clear conclusions and consistent calls to action ensure the content is of practical rather than purely academic interest, encouraging readers to benchmark their own activity and build the business case for change.

Clarity and practical use were also the guiding principles behind the design template for the reports. Grist developed a consistent visual style, making use of a vibrant colour palette and iconic illustration to provide a distinctive, impactful look and feel for each sector.

The intricate scoring system developed by the US marketing team to rank specific challenges and initiatives is represented within a series of accessible infographics. The graphics help to capture attention immediately and enable readers to quickly assess their own situation against their peers.

The results

Supported by PR, blogs, email, telemarketing and social media, the Alexander Proudfoot Index series is proving a valuable tool in engaging CEOs, providing an ideal conversation starter and helping to secure a series of new business meetings.

“As professional services marketers, we’re always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves and communicate unique insights to the market,” says Branco Kuznar, marketing director, North America. “The Index pulls in data that simply isn’t available elsewhere and delivers it in an innovative, accessible format to provide real value for our audience.”