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Barnett Waddingham: conference videos

Extending the reach and impact of B2B events through high-quality video

The purpose

Barnett Waddingham’s annual pensions conference is a great opportunity for the independent firm of actuaries and consultants to engage with clients and prospects on key issues.

With increasing numbers of delegates and an impressive line-up of in-house and external speakers, the firm was keen to extend the reach and impact of the event, and create interest for the future.

How we helped

Grist produced a series of short films to maximise the return on investment. The videos form part of a co-ordinated post-event campaign, communicating key findings to those who could not attend, and promoting future events.

A main highlights video captures the buzz of the day, providing key insights from speakers and direct feedback from delegates, all warmly introduced by charismatic senior partner Nick Salter. The film effectively showcases the expertise of the partners and provides a powerful advertisement for the quality of Barnett Waddingham events.

More detailed insight is delivered through a series of one-to-one interviews with the conference speakers summarising the main points from their presentations, and including an exclusive Q&A with keynote speaker, The Right Honourable Lord Lamont of Lerwick who shared his views on the economy and the outlook for pensions.

Grist worked closely with Barnett Waddingham to navigate a tight schedule for the interviews. Time is at a premium on the day, and speakers are focused on delivering their presentations and networking with delegates, so preparation and contingency planning are crucial to a successful shoot.

Video was also used to add immediacy and impact to partner Carole Ward’s presentation on pension administration standards. A series of voxpops with industry commentators filmed the month before at the National Association of Pension Funds annual conference, helped to emphasise the firm’s growing influence within the sector.

The result

Video has proved a popular way for Barnett Waddingham to engage with its discerning audience, and successful in raising the profile of partners.

Used as part of the targeted email campaign, the highlights video has attracted over 330 downloads, with a direct increase in the percentage of early registrations for the next year’s event.

As a result, a similar video suite was requested for the firm’s investment conference, and animated films commissioned to promote Barnett Waddingham’s proprietary software, starting with Illuminate.

“This was the first time Barnett Waddingham had used video for our events, so there was pressure to deliver something that really added value. Grist helped us approach the project with clear business objectives, ensuring that the messaging and structure for the videos was fully in tune with our core proposition.” Simon Rusling, Head of marketing, Barnett Waddingham


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