Gate One

Transform and perform


We worked with Gate One, the digital and business transformation consultancy, on the launch of their new thought leadership programme just as the pandemic became a global crisis. The key focus on business transformation was more topical than ever.

Originally commissioned as a project exploring best practice operating model transformation, we were in the middle of 300 interviews with senior executives when coronavirus struck. The theme was swiftly pivoted to focus more explicitly on exploring how organisational agility, so critical for businesses in today’s rapidly changing world, can be achieved through operating model transformation.

The research report, Transform and perform, explores the aims, benefits and challenges of operating model transformation and shows how they can be central to achieving organisational agility and delivering real value in complex, highly dynamic environments.

The research provided the impetus and a diverse range of content assets to fuel an intensive 10-week campaign, including a series of webinars, promoted on LinkedIn using video, animation and infographics. The gated report and webinar recording are both available on the campaign hub. Both tactics ensure leads are captured for future engagement activity.


“This is the first research-driven thought leadership we’ve done and it’s been very well-received, by colleagues and clients alike. The first campaign has delivered our business objectives and we can now build on the theme year-on-year as we go forward.”
Layisha Laypang, Head of Marketing, Gate One



“We’ve used the research to fuel a five-month client engagement programme including webinars, meetings, proposals and [TBC] – the feedback has been hugely positive and enabled us to have demonstrably valuable conversations with clients.”
James Cooper, Client Director, Gate One