Barnett Waddingham

Ready or not

Barnett Waddingham is a leading independent UK consultancy at the forefront of risk, pensions, investment and insurance. They wanted to generate insight-led conversations with clients about how prepared their pension schemes are for the next stage of their journey.
The headline finding from the survey of 100 UK-based DB pension trustees, was that many schemes in fact have a false sense of security about their overall strategy, which needs to be addressed and managed.

The report, Ready or Not, focuses on this perception gap: exploring the ability of DB pension schemes to adapt to the ever-changing pensions landscape and providing insight into some of the challenges schemes are currently facing. We developed a ‘Readiness Index’ to give trustees a clear sense of how prepared their schemes are: using 12 survey questions, it organises schemes into four groups – from the most prepared, to the blissfully ignorant.

Sitting alongside the report, a benchmarking tool provides trustees with personalised index data which helps them explore the robustness and clarity of their own strategy and understand how their scheme measures up against survey respondents. As well as giving an indication of how ready the scheme is for the next stage of its journey, the tool also offers some guidance as to how that level of preparedness could be improved – together with an offer of a full diagnostic session with an expert.

It’s a powerful combination: the report provides robust evidence of the scale of challenge, while the benchmark data reinforces the urgency for clients and prospects to have a conversation with Barnett Waddingham experts about their specific situation.

The research helped raise awareness through press coverage in target trade publications and a social media campaign, but also exceeded lead generation targets after only three months; providing a stream of top quality, relevant leads to fuel a series of client and prospect meetings and seminars.


“The research revealed really interesting findings about the specific situation of individual pension scheme’s journey, creating the opportunity for insights-led conversations with clients, which reinforce our position as a leading independent advisor.”
Karen Perumal, Marketing Campaigns Manager, Barnett Waddingham